Johanna absolutely embodies the magic of the universe. She’s tapped in. That magic, joy, and hope flows through her, and she helps you open up to and connect with that flow. I’ve been working with Johanna for years, and for me, working with her is a constant healing and awakening, both body and soul. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for her.  Kelly M.   Seattle, WA.

I wanted to let you know this morning what a deep effect your work seems 
to be having. My back is incredibly looser and almost pain-free, and 
there’s also some sort of shift I can feel around my eyes — not so much 
anything I can describe in physical terms, but just a feeling of the 
energy field around them being clearer.

Thank you so much for your work, your intention, and your expertise.

PamY.  Redmond,WA.

I would like to say it has been such an honor to know Johanna these last 10 years. In her healings she works from such a high level of vibrational energy with the purest intention for each person’s soul that healing seems to take place effortlessly. Divine GRACE flows thru her so easily that you are able to connect with spirit and allow for your own healing in a loving, non judgemental and safe environment of Sacred Space. The pleasure has been all mine for sure.  Chalice K.   Seattle, WA.

Johanna brings to her  work an effective blend of knowledge, support, encouragement and humor I have found to be incredibly helpful and reassuring as I go through this process.  Throughout the course of my visits with Johanna, I have experienced continued healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  I have been able to overcome several obstacles in my life so I am now progressing in ways I’d not thought possible.  This process had also opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my relationships, my health and my future.  Kathy G. Bellevue, WA.