Services Offered:

Intuitive Readings and Healings:  Given the changes and challenges that individuals are experiencing during this time on the planet it is sometimes helpful to have an intuitive reading that helps to clarify what is happening in your world.  By looking at some of the physical issues or emotional trauma that may be occurring in your body and life it can be helpful to gain clarity for what some of the root issues are and methods to begin to unwind the conditions.   I have the ability to assist and individual in looking at the issue from many levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual to gain increased clarity as well as develop techniques to help the person continue to release the holding patterns of the issues.   My work entails being able to intuitively read an individuals energetic fields and body and to assist in bringing an understanding of what is happening in one’s body, mind and soul. If you would like assistance in looking at possible outcomes for current situations or gain a greater understanding of your past, present or future we can explore this on many levels.

I do not tell futures but can give you information about possible outcomes given the current situation.  If you would like help addressing personal, relationship, work or health related issues I would be glad to help you explore how your decisions and beliefs are impacting situations. 

Sessions are held individually or by phone

Cost:  $125 per hour and $150 per 1 ½ hrs.

 1 hour session:


1.5 hour session:



Medical Qigong – This is an energy based system that is based on principals of Oriental Medicine which addresses the purging, releasing, building and balancing of energies that  impact an individual on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Typical issues addressed during a session would be:

Mental issues  (confusion, feeling mentally blocked, unclear, etc.)

Physical pain  (back, neck, knee pain, intestinal issues, heart problems etc.)

Emotional issues (depression, anger, grief, sorrow, feeling stuck, etc.)

Spiritual (disconnection with spirit, clearing body in order to open to higher realms of spirit)

Focus on each persons issues will  be to the level of personal readiness and capability to hold higher frequencies of light 

The outcome varies per individual but generally people feel lighter, more joyful, less attached to issues, having a greater sense of well-being and alignment with higher truths, usually reflecting an ability to think and respond more globally through their expanded consciousness.  Individuals also talk about feeling more connected to their spiritual guides or spiritual aspects of themselves. 

Sessions can be done in person as well as over the phone.

Cost is: $125 per hour and $150 per 1 ½ hrs.

1 hour session:


1.5 hour session:



Accelerated Spiritual Advancement:

The world is rapidly opening to expanded levels of consciousness are you ready?  The session is a process of utilizing your divine guides and light beings to assist you in the transition into higher realms of being.  The process is a releasing of karmic and evolutionary issues that have been held in the tissues which impede ones movement into becoming ascended beings.

The sessions are set-up where Divine Light Beings to assist in the raising of an individuals vibratory rate to allow for the transition into higher levels of consciousness and development of new soul patterns.  The guides work to open pathways towards integrating 5 Dimension and beyond depending on the readiness of each individual capability.   The intention is to connect each person with their own spirit guides as well as light beings who are involved in helping humans in this transitional time.  The work is done only on the highest level of spiritual integrity. 

The process may bring up issues that manifest in the mental, emotional or physical bodies which initially may not feel comfortable.  While initially some people may feel some discomfort generally the symptoms disappear as an individuals body adjusts to the energy surges. 

Cost is $250 per 11/2 hr.