Johanna is a Medical Qigong Therapist and trained through the International School of Medical Qigong.  She has a Master’s degree in Counseling from California State University.  While attending Seattle Massage School she completed her license in Massage and has taken numerous classes in Cranial Sacral, Chinese Energy Healing and Advanced Energy Healing classes.  Over the last 38 years she has developed a style of working with client’s that combines her skills to help individuals address their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues related to diseases, injuries, and emotional wounds. 

The unique work that Johanna provides is in her ability to intuitively “see” blockages while working with an individual and to then use the process of Medical qigong and counseling to help a client move into and through the limitations or lessons involved in their physical or emotional concerns. 

Medical Qigong is the foundation of Oriental Medicine.  It is over 4500 years old and addresses many of the physical, mental and spiritual issues of one’s body.  The work utilized Chinese Medicine theory in regards to disease of organs and blockages of meridians and through the process of purging, tonifying and regulation of the body one is able to bring understanding and release to issues related to physical complaints and emotional blockages.

Johanna brings a passion to her work that encourages people to rise to their highest level of being.  Working with her you will gain a greater sense of your own personal ability to address and resolve issues that have limited your expression of who you are and how you chose to be in the world.



Testimonial: Johanna is a gifted and intuitive healer.  She has helped me to connect with my body and has guided me through many physical and emotional issues.  She has been integral in my ability to heal.  I couldn’t recommend more highly. 

Darnell S.   Seattle, WA.






Experience release from Mental, emotional, and physical burden


During these times of transition on the planet where emotions  are stressful and our bodies are experiencing increased limitations and congestion it can be helpful to experience a session that unwinds our holding patterns and allows our self to feel lighter and freer.   

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your Being!  Haftz”