How Healing Can Help you!


Gifted healer and intuit Johanna Hedge walks the spiritual realms of consciousness and multiple dimensions of reality to facilitate healing in a setting for both groups and individuals.  She weaves together her knowledge of Oriental Medicine, energetic body systems, emotional counseling skills, and her spiritual connection to assist people to move into their highest levels of being, their most powerful expressions of their heart, mind and souls.

Johanna combines her knowledge that she has developed over the last 38 years to assist clients in finding their own sense of personal balance, healing, integrity, and spiritual connection.  Join her in a journal to the opening to your next level of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. 

Healing Options:


♦ Intuitive Healing/Reading – In person and Distant Healing

♦ Medical Qigong Treatments – In person and Distant Healing

♦ Advanced Spiritual Healing – In person and Distant Healing


Intuitive Healing–  This is an opportunity to being to open and shift in areas of one’s life where blocks have been held for lifetimes.  Through Intuitive Healing Johanna is able to help you open to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.  Through the gift of her intuitive insight, wisdom and clear vision Johanna is able to “see” energy in the individual’s organs, tissues, and energy fields around the body.  She has the ability to present information that assist the person in understanding how current, past, karmic and relationship issues impact the body, mind and spirit.  Her work helps an individual clarify current situations and methods for change and transformation.  Johanna also is able to look at potentialities of future situations.  While the future is constantly in the process of change, certain potentialities exist that can be evaluated and reviewed for learning and alteration.  Learning about one’s patterns that impact the future can be helpful in moving into our highest opportunities for creating our futures.

Medical Qigong– Based on Chinese Medicine theory of organs and meridian imbalances and harmonization this system uses energy to shift the body, mind and spirit into greater alignment.  Johanna is able to “see” into the body, cells, and fields around the body to help the individual in potentially opening, clearing and harmonizing meridians, organ systems to create increased balance.  Medical Qigong is also a process of looking at how the emotions, mental constructs and karmic issues are also held in the body.  By opening up energetically the holding patterns is can assist in finding increased health and balance to the whole system. The sessions can happen both in person and over the phone.

 Advanced Spiritual Healing–  This is an in-depth process of opening to one’s next level of spiritual advancement.  Johanna works with your Divine level Guides and advanced spiritual beings to assist in opening to the highest dimensional level available to the individual in the moment.  Each of us is in a journey of opening to greater levels of being.  Currently most people on earth are at 4th Dimension with many open and willing to advance into 5th Dimension and beyond.  As we advance in dimensions it is the process of releasing issues that no longer serve us and practice holding higher levels of energetic consciousness.  Each dimension brings new understanding and challenges.  Johanna can assist you in releasing issues that hold you in limitation and with the help of your personal and Ascension Guides move you into your next level of transformational energy. 









I just wanted to write to let you know that our last couple of sessions
were so incredible and most helpful- we moved so much energy. ha- I tend to
have a hard time finding my words to wrap up session cause my brain is
like- whhaaooowhaaaooo, and just sooo feeling the energies of everything we
just moved. hilarious, you must get that a lot;)

Anyway! I was thinking of you and felt inspired to send a note… I want to
acknowledge that you are helping me so  much. it’s blowin my mind! haha

really excited πŸ™‚

It’s invaluable to have your help
interpreting it. thank you for your unique and wonderful being ness and
incredible work. thank you for facilitating my own connection to myself!!

it is all so good πŸ™‚  Anna – Portland, Oregon



The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.  Rumi